Mind-Boggling Money Chart Maps Out Where It's Spent, Who's Got It And Much More

We’ve got to hand it to the mastermind behind this money chart, which takes such a vast, general topic, and breaks it down into a whole lot of smaller, easily explained parts. Huge and super-detailed, the graphic maps out where money is being made in the United States, where it goes, who’s making it, and anything else you could ever think to investigate on the topic.

A one gallon loose jar of change? That’ll usually end up being around $270, says xkcd’s Money Chart. How’s about the annual cost of rabbit ownership? You’d pay $730 for Peter Rabbit, as opposed to the $35 you’ll shell out to own a fish.

Some other figures pulled from the chart include: Bruce Wayne’s fictional salary ($6,500,000,000); annual charitable giving in the U.S. ($294,850,000,000); value of an original copy of the 1297 Magna Carta signed by Edward I ($83,710,000) and then there’s the overall public debt owed by the U.S. ($10,200,000,000,000).

Click this link to take a look for yourself and just try to wrap your brain around the amount of information in this baby. Zeros and dollar signs will be swimming before your eyes in no time.


Money Chart [xkcd]

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