The Benefits Of Being A Boomerang Kid

It used to be OK to mock adults in their 20s and 30s who went back to live with their parents after that whole living-on-their-own thing didn’t work out so well. But because the brutal job market has no doubt made the situation more common, these days the act of boomeranging back home is a dead-serious survival maneuver rather than a sign of arrested development.

The author of Well Heeled Blog didn’t move back home after graduation, but now that she looks back she sort of wishes she had. She counts the benefits of being a boomerang kid:

* Saving up. With no rent or utilities, you can build up your nest egg as long as you’re disciplined. You can potentially save up a down payment on a car and house much quicker than you’d otherwise be able to.

* Going to school. While pursuing all-consuming graduate degrees, sometimes it’s not realistic to hold down a job that pays well enough to make ends meet. Living with your parents can minimize distractions.

* Becoming an entrepreneur. When you have less overhead, you can be more daring with your time and money. If you launch a business and it fails, you can’t lose your house because you don’t have one to lose.

Adults Living At Home: My Change of Mind [Well Heeled Blog]