Crate & Barrel Will E-Stalk You To Close A Sale

David was poking around the Crate & Barrel website, without actually signing in. Or so he thought. He had put something in his cart, then closed his browser and wandered off. He was a little surprised when the site emailed him to remind him that he had forgotten a few things in his cart.

I added a bed to my cart the other day on crate and barrel’s website. Didn’t buy it, was considering, but left. I was NOT signed in to my account.

Later, I got an email from them telling me that I left items in my cart. That crosses the line from helpful to stalking. It’s like if you were in a store and picked up a shirt and put it back down, and then a day later the salesperson called you and asked if you still wanted it.

Not okay, I’m done shopping there.