5 Things Not To Buy This Season

In the mad rush of the holidays, it’s tempting to try and make as massive a dent as possible into your shopping list, assuming you won’t find cheaper prices any other time of year. But buying everything that catches your eye can defeat the purpose of deal hunting, because you’ll be able find some items for lower prices later on.

Here are five items to avoid buying this season, courtesy of DealNews:

* Calendars — If you’re buying for yourself, you can score heavy discounts if you wait until January or February to get them on clearance. Of course, you do sacrifice some of their utility.

* High-end, brand-name TVs — Most of the deep discounts are on lesser-known brands. You’ll nearly always have to pay top dollar to get top-of-the-line electronics.

* Jewelry — DealNews says jewelry prices during the holidays tend to be higher than the rest of the year due to increased demand.

* Non-bundled game consoles — This time of year, game publishers tend to attach accessories and games to consoles to stand out from competitors. Don’t settle for consoles that are going stag.

* Winter clothes — If your threadbare winterwear from years’ past can last a couple more months, it’s better to stock up early next year, when retailers are getting rid of their inventory.

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10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday [DealNews] (Thanks, Mark!)