Fake Bank Of America Google+ Account Has 27 Times More Followers Than Real One

UPDATE: As predicted, the obviously fake BofA page has been pulled down by Google, because why should anyone be able to have fun at the expense of Bank of America?

Google+ recently allowed businesses to launch their own pages on the social networking site. But if you search for Bank of America, the first item that comes up isn’t the actual BofA Google+ page with only around 40 followers, but a spoof pages with more than 1,100 fans.

“We took your bailout money and your mortgage rates are going up,” reads the tagline of the more popular page, which features a gallery of photos of former BofA CEO Ken Lewis at his most photogenic (which isn’t saying much).

Since this page [via Finextra.com] probably won’t last much longer, here are some select posts saved for posterity:
“When you want an ice cream cone, you go to a store. When I do, I foreclose on an ice cream shop and repossess their inventory.”

“Living under a tarp? I am too. My TARP is much bigger, however, and billions of dollars more expensive.”

“Big company party in foreclosed house #2340087 tonight!”

Meanwhile, BofA’s current CEO Brian Moynihan discussed the bank’s recent attempt to charge some customers a monthly fee to use their debit cards to make purchases. He says the company “learned from the experience” and is now working on ways to improve transparency for customers while still making a profit.

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