T-Mobile Ad Accidentally Appeals To Our Prurient Interests

One aim of an ad is to get you to remember the product, right? If so, T-Mobile accidentally did an excellent job of making sure their “Walking in a 4G Wonderland” TV spot sticks in your brain. Mostly because it sounds like something super sexy.

As AdWeek points out, just saying the words “4G Wonderland” kind of sounds like, well, “Orgy Wonderland.” Sing it to yourself, in the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” Hear it? Yeah.

And lest you think the we are just more inclined to think with our minds in the gutter, the Twitterverse went nuts asking itself if the saccharine sweet T-Mobile girl was really down to get freaky in a group.

If you still really don’t believe us, watch the ad and judge for yourself.

T-Mobile Walking in an Orgy Wonderland This Holiday [AdWeek]

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