Man Accused Of Stealing $300 From Flight Attendant's Purse During Flight

Your flight attendant brings you a free drink and you repay her by stealing $300? Sounds downright ridiculous, but that is exactly what Massachusetts State Police say happened during a flight recently.

The Associated Press reports that a man on a flight from Iceland allegedly snitched $400 from a flight attendant’s purse while the plane was aloft over Greenland.

He was confronted on the plane by flight crew, and handed over some foreign currency he’d taken, before locking himself in the bathroom. Police think he then flushed the $300 cash down the toilet. That’s just wasteful!

When the flight landed at Logan International Airport in Boston yesterday, cops arrested the man for stealing the money. He was released shortly after, and was set to be arraigned today.

Police: Mass. man stole $300 while on airplane [Associated Press]

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