Couples Sues Airtran For $100,000, Alleging Cockroaches Infested Their Flight

A couple is suing Airtran for $100,000 after they saw cockroaches on their flight, and they say they have to pictures to prove it.

WCNC reports a Charlotte couple was heading to Houston for a wedding aboard an Airtran flight when they say they saw a little brown antenna poking out of the overhead light. A brown body emerged soon after, revealing the telltale skittering form of a cockroach.

In their lawsuit, they say they and other passengers told the flight attendants about the cockroaches but they were ignored. One flight attendant even allegedly put their finger to their mouth as if it say, “Shh, it’s a secret.”

The couple say they were disgusted and nauseated by the cockroaches. They say they had to throw out several clothes because the cockroaches were crawling in the carry-on compartments and they were worried they got into the luggage. The woman allegedly doesn’t want to take airplane trips any more after the experience.

The duo are suing Airtran for “intentional infliction of emotional distress, nuisance, fraud, false imprisonment and unfair and deceptive trade practices.” The man is a lawyer, and is representing himself and his wife in the case.

Airtran told WCNC that “the cleanliness of our equipment is very important and our planes are regularly and professionally treated for bugs.”

Couple sues airline over cockroaches on plane [WCNC] (Thanks to Angela!)

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