Protesters Get Boiler Fixed In Harlem

Those good-for-nothing bums down at Zuccotti Park put down their free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for one minute and became quite good-for-something. Instead of occupying Wall Street, they occupied 142nd Street, and got a new boiler installed in a building where the heat and hot water has been spotty for years.

Having no heat or hot water is no joke. Relations between the landlord and tenants at the Harlem apartment building had become so toxic over the years that the landlord wouldn’t let city workers in to fix the boiler. The building’s inhabitants are mainly elderly women.

So Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, a tenant there, went down to Zuccotti park to enlist the young activists’ help. They came eagerly and camped out inside the building. They refused to leave until the boiler got installed. Within a day, the landlord relented and let the city workers in who were there to install a boiler by an emergency order of the city.

“I saw all of these young children that had real skill and ability,” she told the Huffington Post. “I said to them, ‘We’re done with all the massaging and intellectualizing. What’s next? If you really want to see what’s really going on, follow me.”

“It’s time for action,” she said.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Occupy Harlem Boiler Room, Get Tenants Heat And Hot Water [Huffington Post]

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