Michigan Lottery Won't Let Anyone Else Play 1111 Today

There has been a lot of talk about today being 11-11-11 (or if you’re European, 11-11-11) and how a number of people somehow think that this might be a good number to play in any number of lottery drawings. But the folks at the Michigan Lottery Commission have stopped any more people from selecting these digits because the state wouldn’t be able to pay everyone who picked them.

In a statement to WXYZ.com, the Michigan Lottery people explain:

The Lottery has a liability cap of $40 million on the Daily 4. Once the sales of a particular number reach the level that would require a $40 million payout if that number was drawn, sales for that number automatically stop.This ensures the Lottery can fulfill its primary mission, to generate revenue for the School Aid Fund.

Michigan Lotto suspends 1111 ticket sales for Daily 4 purchases [WXYZ.com]

Thanks to Harper for the tip!

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