Higher Calorie, Higher Alcohol 'Bud Light Platinum' To Start Getting People Drunk In January

For those who think their light beer doesn’t have enough calories — or enough alcohol — the folks at Anheuser-Busch InBev think they have the solution: Bud Light Platinum, which only has 8 fewer calories per serving than Budweiser, but is a full percentage point higher on the alcohol by volume scale.

Platinum’s 137 calories are notably higher than the 110 calories in Bud Light, currently the best-selling beer in the country. It also contains 6% alcohol by volume, higher than either Bud Light (4.2%) or Budweiser (5%).

Sales of Budweiser have been on the decline for several years as American consumers have looked toward smaller-name brands to slake their thirsts. The former King of Beers has responded by giving away free samples and changing their can design, but competitors like Coors Light and Miller Lite continue to eat away at its market share.

Platinum, about which little is known other than that it will have blue and gray label that resembles the existing Bud Light label, is slated to hit shelves in January.

Anheuser-Busch InBev sets release date for Bud Light Platinum [Chicago Tribune]

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