Don't Forget The Ways Exercise Combats Memory Loss

While science has yet to replicate the memory-erasing technology of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it has found a way to do the opposite, determining that exercise and a healthy diet are excellent ways to bolster fading memories. Staying active, socially engaged and eating right helps you maintain your internal hard drive to avoid an unintentional memory wipe.

CNN explains the ways exercise helps you maintain your memory:

* Dancing keeps you en pointe. Physical activity helps keep your brain sharp, and demanding activities such as ballroom dancing strengthen your memory by getting you to memorize the steps while socially interacting.

* Workouts pump up your brain. After age 50, the brain’s hippocampus starts losing as much of 2 percent of its volume per year. A University of Illinois study found that older folks who exercised reversed the trend and actually increased hippocampal volume by 2 percent.

* Starting early pays off. A UCLA health expert advises not waiting for old age to start exercising your way to mental health. The younger you start, the more fit your brain will be in your golden years.

How to cut your risk of memory loss [CNN]

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