Turn A McDouble Into A Lower-Carb Version Of A Big Mac For An Additional $.25

If you’ve ever felt like chowing down on a McDonald’s Big Mac but didn’t feel like paying the Big Mac price, here’s an easy work-around that might save you some coin and some calories.

Over at Reddit, there’s a thread asking fast food workers to share some insider ordering secrets. One reader responds with this helpful tip:

Why buy a Big Mac when you can buy a McDouble for a dollar, hold the ketchup and mustard, and pay an extra quarter for Big Mac sauce? Get two of them for about $3, still under the cost of one Big Mac and way more food.

Not in fast food but I have received a “hell yeah man, I do that too!” from several McDonald’s employees on this one.

The only thing you’re missing is the extra piece of bun (and the sesame seeds), but that cuts your carb intake from 45g to 33g. Of course, if you end up buying two because they’re cheaper, well… forget we mentioned it.

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