Behold! The Scourge Of Mad Holiday Shopping Now Starting At "Black Midnight"

Black Friday? That is so 2010! The drive of rival retailers wanting to get the jump on you getting the jump on post-Thanksgiving holiday sales has resulted in a new sleep-defying ritual of shopping insanity known as “Black Midnight.”

No longer content with the program of opening doors at say, 4, 5 or even 6 a.m., the Wall Street Journal reports that some retailers are starting a new tradition of welcoming customers in at midnight on Black Friday.

If the idea of stuffing your face with turkey all day and then heading out to tussle with a stranger of a flat-screen TV sounds exhausting to you, well, you’re not alone!

Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn, said he felt forced to “make a very difficult decision” and open at midnight because rival retailers were doing so, though the decision was controversial inside the company.

“I feel terrible,” said Mr. Dunn, who was once a store manager, speaking during a conference in San Francisco. “It will change some Thanksgiving plans for our employees. It certainly changes mine.”

On the bright side, this could cut down on the necessity (?) of camping out for the night before stores open. Just chug some caffeine after that third serving of pie and you should be able to wrest a BluRay player from the arms of another.

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