Shopping Mercenary Will Tackle Black Friday For You

If you lust for the price breaks of Black Friday deals but lack the will to get up in the early hours and brave the wild crowds, you might consider hiring a stunt shopper — a bounty hunter of sorts willing to head out there and do whatever it takes to snag your gifts for you.

Daily Finance speaks to an unemployed preschool teacher in Massachusetts who works as a mercenary shopper for 15 percent of the total purchase price. She has an ad up on Craigslist — no takers yet — and plans to advertise her services via flyers at nursing homes. She’s a 15-year veteran of Black Friday shopping and says money is so tight in her household that she may not be able to afford gifts for her family this year.

Another Black Friday merc in the story is a Missouri wedding planner who’s had trouble landing clients. The down economy has apparently spawned an intriguing new sub-industry.

Unemployed and Eager to Shop on Black Friday … for You [Daily Finance]

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