Drone Helicopters Used To Sell High End Real Estate

Helicopter drones looking for work outside the military might look well to apply at their local real estate office for a job. Turns out they’re not just good for conducting unmanned aerial strikes against insurgents, drones can also be used to sell mansions, via in-depth tour videos made with cameras mounted to their frames.

CBS Los Angeles reports that a local man learned about the helicopters online and was captivated. He spent tens of thousands of dollars and months of practicing in order to build and learn to fly them.

A local real estate agent who specializes in selling fancy houses heard about him and hired him. The small helicopter can create breath-taking videos, taking 360 degree views. It can even go under gates and down walkways, providing a captivating and immersive look.

With the real estate market in such dire straits, agents need every edge they can get. For a busy person willing to spend $25 million on a house, but poor in terms of the disposable luxury time needed to spend walking through a house they’re not sure about, the aerial tours could be a good gimmick.

We’ll have to wait and see if Frank Sinatra’s old house, one of the mansions getting the bird’s eye video treatment, sells to see if this gizmo is worthwhile. But not even attaching a rotary blade to it may be enough to pull this housing market out of its tailspin.

Drones Now Being Used To Sell Pricey Southern California Real Estate [CBS Los Angeles]

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