"Field of Dreams" Will Become Youth Baseball Complex

If you were saving up the $5.4 million it was going to take to buy the real Field of Dreams featured in the movie “Field of Dreams,” in hopes of keeping it out of the hands of evil land developers, it’s time to move on. A family from a Chicago suburb has bought the property and plans to open it as a youth baseball and softball complex in 2014.

The Chicago Tribune reports the 193-acre property, immortalized in the 1989 movie, still draws 65,000 people a year to gaze upon the diamond on which a rookie named Moonlight Graham once smacked a sacrifice, only to be forced off the diamond to transform into an elderly doctor to save a little girl from choking on a hot dog and make me cry every damn time I watch.

The price of the transaction was not disclosed, but is rumored to have popped up on the Fenway Park scoreboard.

Family buys ‘Field of Dreams’ [Chicago Tribune]

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