TJ Maxx Subsidiary Kicks Out Girl With Service Dog, Apologizes, Then Kicks Her Out Again

After an autistic girl and her service dog were wrongly kicked out of a discount clothing store owned by TJ Maxx, the district manager profusely apologized and gave them a $25 gift card to pick out anything she liked. When she returned and tried to use the gift card, store staff kicked her out for having a service dog again. Looks like someone didn’t get the memo.

Three months after the nine-year-old girl, Emily, was kicked out of “Winners,” a chain owned by TJ Maxx, she and her mother came back to the store to pick out something nice using the gift card the district manager gave her.

“We were asked to leave the store,” Emily’s mother told CBC News. “My child’s service dog was not permitted in their establishment anywhere. And if that’s true, then that includes my child because there is no separation between the two of them.”

“I was disappointed that I didn’t get anything from the store, even my dress that my mom picked out nicely for me,” Emily told CBC News.

The mother said she didn’t think the store’s apology was sincere because while the manager had made the perfect “putting out of the fire” gesture, the store hadn’t bothered to educate their staff on the proper protocol.

Parent company TJ Maxx said that it’s standard policy for service dogs to be allowed in stores. “We are looking into the particulars regarding this customer’s experience and will reach out to her directly, as well as take whatever actions we believe are appropriate,” Doreen Thompson, a TJX spokeswoman told CBC News.

Edmonton store bars girl’s service dog twice [CBCNews] (Thanks to Neil!)

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