Don't Let Mario Kart Facebook Scam Spin You Out

Those who toil away on free-to-play Facebook games may have built up a false sense of security as they blindly click on all the permission buttons in order to get to the good stuff. But an ad that claims to offer Facebookers access to a free Mario Kart game is a trap, like one of those upside down question blocks in the real version of the game.

Sophos Naked Security reports a scam masquerading as access to the non-existent game is popping up as status updates and messages, tricking users into filling out a seemingly endless stream of online surveys and possibly asking users to install dubious software, as well as an offer to attempt to win a non-existent “iPhone 5.”

If you run across this offer as a message or post, you’ll probably want to delete it to stop it from spreading.

Mario Kart on Facebook? Fast-spreading scam hits many users’ accounts [Sophos Naked Security via Kotaku]

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