The 4th Replacement Laptop HP Sent Me Doesn't Work, Either

John bought a rather nice HP laptop for his business, and it would be nice if it would work. Ever. Every time they boot up one of the replacement machines HP has sent, it crashes. They’re now on laptop #5.

We purchased a laptop from HP at the end of last February. Since then HP has sent 4 replacement machines. Every single one crashed out the box. Last Monday they demanded that I allow a tech into my home to try to fix the issue. Later that day I received a call from an “executive case manager” basically telling me that the tech didn’t find an error therefore nothing could possibly be wrong with the machine, that I’m a liar and that he was closing the case. The Executive Case Manager I spoke with goes by “L”.

The work order may seem like a random add to the video, but I included it for the benefit of L. who swore up and down that he had an in-depth conversation with the tech who visited my house. When pressed for the name of the tech, he gave the wrong one and had no record of the “E.” ([redacted]) who visited my home and left me with this paper work.

I have never seen a product or customer service department fail this hard. 4 broken machines and counting. Yet somehow the reps are getting ruder, less competent and more dishonest with every call. This wasn’t a cheap model either. 17″ screen. i7 processor. 8GB RAM. 64 bit Windows 7. We went all out at the time thinking that the machine was a solid investment for our design company. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

I would like to warn everyone to not buy from HP. The way I have been disrespected in this process has been nothing short of shameful.

The video John refers to can be found here on YouTube, but I don’t recommend watching it if you’re prone to seasickness.

Other readers have reached someone helpful at HP using the mystical power of the executive e-mail carpet bomb or calling their executive customer service line.

Fighting For A Working HP Laptop For 8 Months

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