Good Night, Sony Dream Machine

The Sony Dream Machine isn’t an iconic, distinctive product like the iMac or the Dyson bladeless fan. It is, however, ubiquitous: if you’ve never owned at least one, you’ve surely stayed in a hotel or guest room equipped with one. They’ve been on the market for 30 years or so, and have come equipped with FM dials, tape decks, CD players, and iPod docks. Now Sony is discontinuing the long-lived, diverse brand with the evocative and ironic name.

They drag you out of your dreams, after all. They’re ruthless dream-destroying machines.

Reilly Brennan collected photos of Dream Machines from different eras, from backlit flip numbers to bright digital. Sony still makes alarm clocks, but the name “Dash” is way less cool.

Requiem For A Clock Radio: Sony Dream Machine Discontinued [Reilly Brennan] (Thanks, Roy!)

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