Walmart To (Sort Of) Price Match Holiday Season Purchases

With more and more people doing their holiday shopping online (because it’s generally cheaper and faster and doesn’t require driving anywhere), the nation’s largest retailer is doing what it can to encourage consumers to head to Walmart. Earlier today, Big W announced it will offer price-matching on purchases made between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, even after you make your purchase.

Of course, this being the world of retail, there are some catches.

The biggest being that you don’t get a cash refund — or funds credited to your credit card account. Instead, you get a Walmart gift card with the difference. Meaning that you can’t spend that money anywhere else.

And then there are the exceptions. Per Walmart’s fine print:

Offer excludes: Black Friday ads, expired ads, offers with Gift Cards, internet pricing, limited time or quantity offers (i.e. 6 hour sales), percentage off ads, bundles, trade-in offers, offers that require a purchase or gift provided with purchase, clearance or ads with typographical errors. The Christmas Price Guarantee does not apply to grocery items, non-branded items (i.e. live plants), tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical, or wireless products that require a service agreement.

You must also find a better price on the identical item, which Walmart defines as “the same brand, size, color, quantity, grade and model number,” at a “local competitor,” which is left undefined.

TO: Shoppers, FROM: Walmart — A Christmas Price Guarantee []