Stay Relevant In A Changing Job Market

The longer you work the same job, the more likely it is that you’ll lack the skills to do anything else when you’re unexpectedly kicked to the curb. Everyone is a tap on the shoulder away from unemployment, so do your best to make sure you’ve got the tools it will take to claw your way back into another role.

Kiplinger suggests you do the following in order to make sure you don’t become an unemployable fossil:

* Make a professional online presence. Join a professional network such as Linkedin, and also consider setting up a self-promotional website that works as an interactive resume. It’s also smart to remove anything out there that could stop you from getting a job, or at least be prepared to explain those embarrassing MySpace pictures from 2005.

* Survey the job market. At least once every several months, imagine that you’ll have to find a new job immediately. See what’s out there and identify what skills you’d need to nail the jobs that interest you. And get to work on whatever you’re lacking.

* See how much you’re worth. If you’ve been getting fat and happy on near-automatic raises for more than a decade, there may not be another employer out there willing to pay you what you’re making. Get an idea of the going rate for your line of work via a site like Payscale. The reality check can brace you for an income drop or possibly give you fuel to vie for a raise.

6 Ways to Stay Relevant in the Current Job Market [Kiplinger]

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