A Checklist For Quitting Your Job

Mishandling the job-quitting process can lead to unforeseen complications. By planning an exit strategy before you drop the resignation letter bomb, you can make the difficult process as painless as possible.

Money Smart Life suggests a list of tasks to accomplish before you make your move. Here are some of the items:

* Establish your next move. To make sure you’re stepping onto solid ground, get a job offer from your next boss in writing. If you’re starting your own enterprise, start as much of your new endeavor as you can before you resign.

* Make sure you can afford it. A regular paycheck can lull you into a more comfortable standard of living than what you’ll have to adapt to when the money goes away. Plan for a worst-case scenario, plan a reduced budget and make sure you’ve got enough resources to endure tough times.

* Shore up your contacts. When you’re about to leave, it’s a good time to get chatty. Re-forge any wilting connections and get thumbs-up from colleagues and supervisors who will let you use them as references. If you’re after a letter of recommendation, it’s easier to badger someone into writing one with face time. Also, losing access to your work computer may also mean you’ll lose crucial emails and phone numbers, so take everything you need before you hand over your security card.

A Checklist for Quitting Your Job [Money Smart Life]

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