What To Do If Your Batman: Arkham City Game Has No Download Code

To give gamers a reason to buy Batman: Arkham City new rather than used, Warner Bros. packed in cards with codes that allow them to download add-ons. The problem is that some of the codes don’t work, and some cards are blank.

A Joystiq reader contacted WB customer service and received instructions to hand over the following stuff:

* A dated proof of purchase (receipt, invoice) showing the purchase of a NEW copy of the game (not a rented or used copy, nor a copy purchased from eBay)

* Your gamertag for Xbox Live, or your profile for the PSN

* Your email address

* A scan or digital picture of the package and game disc(s)

* A scan or digital picture of the code sheet (both sides)

After customers turn all that in, WB said it will escalate the complaint and start the process of producing a new code.

Warner solving Arkham City DLC issue with a simple 5 step process [Joystiq]

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