Psychic On Trial For Theft, Tax Evasion

There’s no word about what Tarot cards, life lines or crystal balls have to say about a Colorado psychic on trial for theft and tax evasion, but common sense says things don’t look good for the suspect. She’s accused of telling clients that their money was evil and she needed to cleanse it before returning it to them. She didn’t follow through with the promise to give it back and allegedly made off with $300,000.

The Daily Camera of Boulder, Colo. reports the woman missed her trial on Monday due to medical reasons. The District Attorney alleges that she’s faking it, saying a GPS bracelet attached to her indicates that she went to church, ran errands and then checked into a hospital, only to be released and head to another.

According to the suspect’s attorney, she’s suffering high-blood pressure, shortness of breath and nausea and will undergo medical tests this week. If the judge doesn’t buy her medical excuses, she could be incarcerated with a $500,000 bond.

Lafayette psychic Nancy Marks hospitalized, misses opening of fortune-telling fraud trial [Daily Camera (Boulder, Colo.) via Huffington Post]

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