Personal Finance Roundup

How to Know When to Quit [Get Rich Slowly] “Winners quit all the time. They just quit the right stuff at the right time.”

Weird stuff that hurts home values [MSN Money] “All sorts of factors can diminish what your home is worth, such as the way your house compares with others in the area, your neighbors or a faulty appraisal.”

10 Concrete Tips To Dine Out For Less: Save Money When Eating Out [The Digerati Life] “Here are 10 glorious tips to help you make the most out of dining out.”

Where to Find 7% Yields [Smart Money] “Preferred shares issued by real estate trusts are one of today’s few sources of healthy investment income.”

Best jobs for fast growth [CNN Money] “If you’re stalled or burned out, these fast-growing fields (with relatively low barriers to entry) can help you earn more, get ahead and put life back into your career.”