McDonald's Serves Up TV To Go Along With Your Burger, Fries And Regret

The McDonald’s corporate types must think the ambiance of their dining rooms may be a little lacking. Perhaps that’s why they are testing the McDonald’s Channel, a roundup of news and entertainment segments, tailored to each community, that will play as you succumb to the siren song of empty calories.

According to the L.A. Times, the programming will include previews of upcoming movies, TV shows and albums. It stands to reason that the restaurant will be bolstering its bottom line by selling some ads for the TV service.

The channel will roll out over the next several months, eventually reaching 800 Southern California burger shacks. Each restaurant serving as a guinea pig will get two 42 to 46-inch HDTVs that will be visible in 70 percent of the seats. If the channel passes muster, it will go national.

McDonald’s to launch in-store channel [L.A. Times]

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