Customer Gets Comcast To Credit Him $150 For All His Vacation Time They Wasted

Ryan was able to get a $150 service credit from Comcast by asking for them to pay him back for all the vacation time he missed waiting around for a service tech who never showed up.

Here’s the complaint he wrote Comcast:

Good afternoon sir/ma’am.

On October 12, I was scheduled to meet an installer between 10am-12pm. I took two hours of vacation time from work in order to be present. At 11:30am, the technician called me to say that he was running late but would meet me at 12:30pm. I agreed to meet him then and called my work, who approved two more hours of vacation. At 12:30pm, the technician did not arrive. At 1pm, I called the technician but he did not answer his phone. At 2pm, I called him again. He answered, apologized and said he had forgotten about me, and that he would meet me within an hour. I called work again, got two more hours of vacation, and waited for him. When he did not arrive at 3pm, I called him but he did not answer. At 4pm I called him and he did not answer. I called again at 4:30pm and he did not answer. I left the house. 

I waited 6.5 total hours using 6 hours of vacation time to do so, relying on his word that he would appear multiple times. 

I have spoken to billing supervisors who have offered a $20 credit to my bill. I make $25 an hour and the waiting cost me $150 in vacation time. Speaking to billing representatives has made me realize that I am never going to be compensated for my personal time waiting and that Comcast going above and beyond to compensate me is completely out of the question. All I want is a $150 credit to at least get to a point where doing routine business with Comcast doesn’t cost me a significant amount of money. I believe that is reasonable. 

Up to this point I have received nothing but quality service from Comcast and have even convinced family and friends to switch from competitors. Please help me continue to be the evangelist for your company that I’ve always been. 

Thank you.


Ryan made a calm, clear, and cogent business argument about why he should be compensated for all his time Comcast had wasted, and it worked. Another good thing that he did in his letter is say that he used to be a happy customer who would again start recommending Comcast if they take care of him. Sometimes this approach works better than a scorched earth one. If you’ve already told them you’ll never do business with them again, what incentive do they have to do anything to keep you around?


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  1. HazyCloud says:

    I had something similar happen with Cox. Our new “whole home DVR” service had been very wonky. After 4 techs (last one helped fix it) and a call to Cox, they credited me with $370 bucks. Much more than I had even thought they’d do.

  2. Cat says:

    I still prefer the Kramer method of dealing with the no-show cable guy.
    “I guess the cable man doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

  3. The Twilight Clone says:

    Oh boy. Comcast won’t be happy you posted this. Now everyone’s going to try getting reimbursed for their lousy service.

  4. Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

    A case of “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

  5. French_Toast says:

    Had a machinist friend that went in for a doctor’s appointment at his scheduled time. He spent half a day waiting to see the doctor. They gave him their bill, and he gave them his. They paid it.

  6. James says:

    That’s nice he got paid, but it’s still a wasted day. I would rather pay an unemployed friend or relative to hang out at my house to let them in than waste a valuable day off sitting at home.

    • barty says:

      Not to mention, he’s still out the vacation time. Yeah, it would be nice to be reimbursed monetarily for the time, but unless you have a very understanding employer, you’re not going to get that vacation time back.

  7. RosevilleWgn says:

    Wait, your article title says they credited him, but his letter said he didnt get the credit…

    • unsmith says:

      His letter was *requesting* the credit. You can’t get a credit for something you haven’t requested yet. Obviously, it worked, and he got the credit.

  8. ToddMU03 says:

    I would cancel Comcast, but because of federal regulations and FiOS’ decision to not expand into new markets no other company wants to lay their own lines to serve our city.

    • cigsm says:

      FIOS desicion not to expand into new markets was because they weren’t getting enough customers> FiOS thought that they would go into Comcast territory & millions of customers would switch over. That didn’t happen. It wasn’t profitable to build the infrastructure for the relatively small number of customers that were deflecting to them.

  9. StarKillerX says:

    Well technically if he used vacation time he wasn’t out any money due to waiting on the installer since he was paid for his vacation time when he wasn’t at work.

    But as said above, now that this has hit the net it will be ended soon enough since suddenly everyone who waits a couple hours will have had to take off work, even those who haven’t worked a day in their life. lol!


      The vacation time had value in that it could be transferred to a day where he didn’t have to wait for errant cable guy. That vacation day held all the value of a worked day.

      • StarKillerX says:

        Yes, it has value and the value is his hourly rate, which he was paid.

        I’m not saying the company shouldn’t have reimbursed him, simply he wasn’t out any money, although he did use some vacation time.

        • Preyfar says:

          But he could make the argument that if he left his company he would be reimbursed for any unused, accured vacation time. Or, at companies like mine, they let us cash out vacation time once we hit a certain amount (80+ hours).

          Thus, he could have easily and potentially gotten actual money from the vacation time rather than wasting it on a no-show. Vacation time can have tangible value other than merely not being at work.

          • BBBB says:

            OR, he could take an unpaid “personal day” to get his vacation time back. The compensation from Comcast means he doesn’t have to take a loss – this can be important if he wants
            to take a full week and only has four vacation days left.

  10. redspeed says:

    I had a similar situation with Comcast. I set up internet service several months back and opted for the self install. Got my modem, plugged it in… and no signal. Called several times and nobody could figure out over the phone why I couldnt get a signal. Only option was to send someone out and I had to schedule time off to wait for the tech.

    Waited for them to arrive and I get a phone call telling me theyve knocked several times and I didnt answer. Turns out they set up service at the wrong house under the wrong name.

    They finally hooked up my lines and I had service, but for several months I never got any bills in the mail. Comcast basically refused to change my address for me even though they were sending my bills to the wrong house to a different person. Their excuse was theyre not allowed to change anything once service started which makes no sense. Since their online billing was having problems as well, the only option was for me to call in and check my balance and pay over the phone. It took them 4 months to finally fix my address after speaking to several supervisors to get the issue corrected.

    But, as luck would have it, the exact time my address was corrected, I lost signal again for no apparent reason. I called Comcast and asked them point blank- did you people screw up again and disconnect my lines by mistake once you corrected the address? They swore up and down that they wouldnt have done that and nobody was sent to my house, and it must be something else causing my signal to go out.

    I had to schedule another day off to wait for a technician to arrive. Once he did, it took him all of two minutes to see that they did in fact disconnect my lines and screwed up again. I lost two vacation days because of Comcasts screw ups and I called them to request compensation for this. The supervisor I spoke with was extremely rude and said simply that they dont compensate for lost time and theres nothing they would do and its not their problem anymore, and that they would not escalate my issue any further.

    Comcast blows.

    • French_Toast says:

      Sounds recent enough for small claims. Just present a clear and concise case, collect a check.

    • schernoff says:

      At least they came to the house and knocked in your case. In my case it was call ahead, and if no one answers, treat it as a no-show and go on to the next one. They tried to tell my husband no one was home because he didn’t answer the phone (he was in the bathroom when they called) – and even if he had been inclined to answer the phone in the bathroom, the caller ID came up as unknown so he wouldn’t have known it was the Comcast tech anyway.

    • Silverhawk says:

      You must be the neighbor a block over from me. I was getting his/her Comcast bills for months, and had 2 technicians show up on my driveway months apart, and I’ve never been a Comcast customer. I tried explaining the seemingly obvious mistake (slight difference in street names), and they both seemed confused. Eventually I stopped getting the bills after several phone calls, and even running them over to the correct address myself.

  11. PLATTWORX says:

    I had problems with Comcast on several occasions and learned to never deal with the regular customer service staff as you don’t get anywhere.

    Instead, I write an EECB politely explaining the problem and what I expect to solve it. Each time I got rapid response and credits matching what I requested. Just don’t make the request unreasonable.

  12. framitz says:

    The sucking up at the end of the letter makes me ill.

  13. Chasing Headless Chickens says:

    But here’s the rub: Did they actually post the credit or did they just SAY they were going to post the credit? I’m still waiting on my Comcast no-show credit from 1 1/2 ago. (I have since canceled Comcast and use Netfix and hulu).

  14. JoeTheDragon says:

    The cable guys are over scheduled

  15. nocturnaljames says:

    Comcast will continue to get away with abysmal service because for 99% of people there is no viable alternative, if you want decent speed.

  16. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I have tried this with AT&T and it works MUCH better than telling them they are evil. I basically begged them not to make me go to Mediacom because I heard they sucked. Even though I had to call AGAIN tonight re my DSL issues, at least I and the supervisor and broadband care guy had nice conversations.

    Next stop: secret ultra-tech team. I just want the 1.5 – 3 mbps I’m supposed to get without calling every single time I log on.

  17. ridgerat says:

    Who takes vacation 2 hours at a time? You make $25 per hour but you cannot afford to just take the day off? And the company actually let you keep calling in and taking another 2 hours? Iguess they didn’t really need their $25 per hour super employee all that much after all. And, just WHERE did you go when you ‘left the house’ at 4:30? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • loop610bob says:

      This is the OP.

      Affording the day was not the issue. It wasn’t supposed to take all day. The company and I agreed on a time and place and they failed. They made promises that I relied on 3 separate times and I felt that I should be compensated for that. Comcast (crazily enough) agreed. My work situation grants me the ability to work all over the city, so I could literally leave my house and be back to work 5 minutes later (long story, but yea). I don’t quite see what the snark is about there.

      I work a 7-4 shift, so my work day was over by the time I left the house. And since we just bought the house and move in this weekend, there is not a stick of furniture inside. After 6 1/2 hours and not hearing from the tech for the last 2 1/2, I was ready to get the heck out of there.

  18. Legit Crypt says:

    Hopefully it works out, that all seems extremely reasonable. Maybe a few larger payments would make Comcast ensure their techs show up on time or at least show up at all.

  19. Legit Crypt says:

    The title of this confused me. Did or didn’t he get the full reimbursement?