Apple Breaks Sales Records With 4 Million iPhone 4S Units Sold

As if we didn’t already know, Apple’s iPhones are near and dear to the hearts of many consumers. So it might not shock you to learn that the company broke sales records when it sold 4 million of the new iPhone4S phones in just three days last week.

The tech giants announced Monday that they’d topped their own sales records with the millions sold since its launch. Just over the weekend, the iPhone 4s flew off the shelves at a rate of 1.7 million, trumping last year’s numbers, reports CNN.

This year, however, the phone was launched in the U.S. as well as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, and last year Australia and Canada had to wait a bit longer to get their grubby paws on the sleek devices. Sprint and Verizon also launched the phone this year, instead of just AT&T.

“IPhone 4S is off to a great start,” Philip Schiller, Apple’s head of marketing, said in a prepared statement. “IPhone 4S is a hit with customers around the world, and together with iOS 5 and iCloud, is the best iPhone ever.”

Apple sells record 4 million iPhones [CNN]


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  1. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:


    Not because its an Apple product, or even because its specifically an iPhone. It’s because I don’t get much use out of the cellphone I have now. So naturally, a newer, slightly-faster version of last year’s iPhone would fail to excite me.

    • mauispiderweb says:

      I know what you mean. I’m still using a smartphone running Win 6.5 and I use it more to read books than I do anything else.

      • TBGBoodler says:

        Isn’t this kind of like saying, “I have a black & white TV and use it mainly to watch black & white TV.”

        • FyreGoddess says:

          I dunno. I’m looking at downgrading my phone with my next replacement. I don’t need all the features of the smartphone. I just don’t use them, and the luster has worn off.

          Having a smartphone has made me realize that I really don’t need a tiny computer. All I need is a phone.

          For me, anyway, it’s more like saying “I have cable, but I only watch local television stations.”

    • MeowMaximus says:

      Which means there are 4 million fools out there.

    • ajr says:

      iPhone 3G … iPhone 3GS
      iPhone 4 … iPhone 4S
      See the pattern here? Major changes come every 2 years. I’m sorry if the 4S didn’t meet everyone’s expectations, but it’s not like this wasn’t a surprise.

      Now, if next October’s iPhone isn’t a major change, then everyone can justifiably scream.

      • shanelee24 says:

        This is the single biggest jump in processing power an iPhone has had in a new version. This is not just a slightly fast iPhone, its a MUCH fast iPhone. And the possibilities for new apps coming out that can make use of a dual core processor is exiting. Just like the Galaxy S 2, which is amazing also btw, this is why we buy smartphones. I hope this dosent sound snobby, but anybody who gripes that it dosent look different dosent get computers. The last three desktops I’ve bought look almost exactly the same, but they could not be more different.

  2. belsonc says:

    So they broke sales records… by opening up more avenues for sale. Outside of strictly units-to-units, how is this apples to apples?

  3. PHRoG says:

    Hmm…they open it up to other carriers and a larger market and they sell more? No way!!! :P

  4. Dapper Dan says:

    I got mine on the first day and I didn’t even pre-order. 10 years from now this will be as relevant as when I saw Dogma opening weekend twice. VERY RELEVANT.

  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    This seems like a huge deal at first but it’s really because they had two additional carriers and additional countries. When you go to the Apple Store page though, it does say shipping for new orders will take a week or two.

    I pre-ordered and it got to my home the day it went to all the stores, so I didn’t have to go to a store at all. All the same, I did go to a store over the weekend and while people didn’t have to stand in line for a phone, there were lots of people.

    I’ve been very impressed by the 4S, though. Siri has been very helpful, which I wasn’t too sure of until I actually started using it. Even with stuff like finding restaurants, Siri will cross reference for you, which is something I would have to do manually with my Yelp app.

  6. LabanDenter says:

    hmm more people bought iphones then protested. I bet alot of those were bought by the 99%ers

  7. Suisei says:

    I’ll stick with my HTC Android devices, thanks. Maybe the reason it sold so many is because they have cdma versions now (this may or may not have already been covered in other posts, Its early and im too lazy to read everything right now)

    • The Lita says:

      I upgraded my phone yesterday.

      I went back and forth between the iPhone 4S and the HTC Shift. Until I realized that the latter was faster, had more RAM, and was, overall, simply better in most every way.

      iPhones are overrated any more.

    • shanelee24 says:

      Android devices are great, I have an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy S 2. But HTC phones have become a huge pile of poo. What was once a great company has really been producing substandard phones. Do yourself a favor and check out some of Samsungs current lineup.

  8. deathbecomesme says:

    Just more proof the kool-aid is stronger than ever since their holy one passed

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      It’s coincidence, really. We’ve known for a long time that Apple was planning an event in early October and it was going to be about the iPhone. I’d like to see a breakdown of why people bought the 4S, but I upgraded because I had a 3G and it was starting to get really outdated.

    • shanelee24 says:

      I don’t begrudge anyone their choice of operating system, and I have multiple phones myself. People that hate on anyone for enjoying a popular product annoy me, but people that use another human beings death to berate that persons customer base anger me. You are a douchbag sir, and have no sympathy or anything resembling logic. Your comment was hateful and disrespectful, especially to this site and its users. Steve Jobs wasnt someone I revered, but he was someone I recognized for having a passion for what he did, and he did a lot to advance his industry as a whole. Shame on you.

  9. RocheCoach says:

    I would understand if this were the iPhone 5 or whatever, but people are buying an upgraded version of the phone they already goddamn have, for full price.

    This shit boggles my mind.

    • elangomatt says:

      I wish that they would break things down more. It is my hope that people aren’t stupid enough to be upgrading mostly iPhone 4 to the 4S just to be a sheep. I think that many people are probably upgrading iPhone 3G or 3GS to the iPhone 4S or upgrading whatever old phone they have to the 4S because this is the first time the iPhone has been available on their carrier.

    • Kate says:

      Probably mostly because they are on Sprint, wanted the iphone and couldn’t get it til now.

      I needed a new smartphone and like the Iphone better than the google, mostly due to the apps that are available on it, but also for the superior camera, which I use a lot.

    • Tunnen says:

      I am upgrading my iPhone 3G to the 4S. There is a large upgrade from my current phone. I don’t care if it was the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, X…. It’s been over 3 years, it’s time for an upgrade. I’ll likely be looking to upgrade again in another 3 years.

  10. Talisker says:

    “Andy Lees, President of Microsoft’s Windows Phone division, believes the time is now for Windows Phone 7 to gain some ground on its competiton. Lees see Android as chaotic with too many choices, and the Apple iPhone 4S as a missed opportunity because it offers only a minor improvement in hardware and software.”


  11. Jack T Ripper says:

    4 million suckers…

  12. Ashman says:

    Everybody has different needs for a phone. I have an Iphone and it does everything I need it to do and does it in a way that works for me. I’ve used Android phones too and they also are very good, My main issue is that there are way too many android phone choices out there and a newer better one comes out every month it seems.

    It is no surprise apple sold that many, they opened up to more markets right away globally and added Sprint in the U.S. I would like to see the numbers for how many people activated Iphones on Sprint vs Verizon vs AT&T for the U.S. Markets.

  13. narq says:

    I wonder how much more information about people they’ll steal now. I bet they secretly record every conversation you have with Siri. I’d still like the data on how many purchases were new iPhone users. Bet that number is super low. I’m sure most of these were previous iPhone owners. When I buy a new phone… I don’t waste hundreds of dollars on a slight hardware upgrade. That would be like upgrading from the Thunderbolt to the Bionic. Pointless and expensive. Then again, I know people who have purchased the newest macbook pro for every single new macbook that has come out.