Woman Sues Facebook For Allegedly Violating Wiretap Law

Accusing Facebook of violating federal wiretap laws by tracking her web use when she wasn’t logged in to the site, a Mississippi woman is taking the social networking giant to court. Her suit, which seeks class action status, is going after Facebook for trespassing, invasion of privacy, unjust enrichment and breach of contract.

The Register reports her complaint says Facebook tracked, collected and stored portions of browsing history without her consent while she was not logged on to the site. The complaint says Facebook violates a portion of its own privacy policy that says logged-out users who visit sites with Facebook-connected plugins send limited info to Facebook.

The company has said that tracking cookies singled out by privacy advocates are meant to prevent spam and phishing operations and that Facebook doesn’t log all of the data it reaps with the tracking devices. Facebook did not comment to the Register about the woman’s suit.

Facebook accused of violating US wiretap law [The Register via Slashdot]

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