The New Consumer Bill Of Rights

The folks over at Fearless Revolution have made several iterative amendments to JFK’s 1964 Consumer Bill of Rights to update it for the modern age.

The four original tenants were 1. The Right to Safety, 2. The Right to be Informed, 3. The Right to Choose, and 4. The Right to Be Heard. President Clinton added a fifth, The Right to Service in 1994.

The Fearless Revolution version doesn’t add any new rights but it does make several tweaks. For instance, under The Right to Be Informed, the group removed “grossly” from “grossly misleading information” as something consumers should be protected against. “We felt that misleading information should not be tolerated, whether it is “grossly misleading” or just your standard everyday misleading,” wrote Fearless Revolution.

They also added “labor conditions” and other information about how products are made, including material origin and its total ingredients, as data that consumers should have a right to. And apropos of Colbert Super PAC, they added “political activity” to the list of information consumers need to be able to make an informed choice. This is to reflect the flood of corporate cash that saturates the political process nowadays, which was but a sliver, comparatively speaking, in JFK’s time.

New Consumer Bill Of Rights [Fearless Revolution]

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