Subway: Cheaper To Order Footlong, Throw Away Half Of Bread Than Ordering 6-Inch With Double Meat

Aaron is trying to lose weight by cutting carbs out of his diet. When he eats at Subway, the first thing that he tried doing was ordering a 6-inch sub with double meat. Then he noticed something. It would actually be cheaper for him to order a footlong and just throw away half the bread.

This seems silly to Aaron, who says he’s tried talking with the managers of several different Subways he frequents. He thinks they should offer a price point for people like him to be able to get a 6-inch with double meat that’s cheaper than the footlong. All the franchise managers have told him they aren’t allowed to set their own prices.

Aaron also emailed his idea to Subway. They responded:

Dear Mr. Cohen:

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us.

All SUBWAY® locations are individually owned and operated.

Pricing, promotions and the acceptance of coupons may vary from location to location. Federal Law and many State Laws prohibit the mandating of pricing or participation in promotions since it is considered price fixing to do so.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

Not very useful.

“What gives? Why is Subway forcing extra bread on me?” writes Aaron. “I hate wasting food.”

It’s unlikely that Subway is going to change around its pricing structure to fit your diet plan. But at least now others know a cheaper way to get double meat on their 6-inch sub. As for that extra half a foot of bread, maybe you can give it to a homeless person or feed it to the ducks!


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  1. Cat says:
  2. josephbloseph says:

    I would just order the 6″ without doubling the meat. Your plan is to lose weight anyway, right? Okay, actually, I’d probably get the footlong, and save half of it for another meal.

    • thomwithanh says:

      Foot longs are almost always cheaper than buying two 6in’s- and its not just Subway: D’Angelos, Quiznos, Panera, Stewart’s (upstate NY chain), even our local supermarket.

      • apupnamedshamus says:

        But that’s irrelevant here. The OP isn’t trying to get two 6″s. He’s trying to get one with double meat (ie: a 12″‘s amount). Subway charges more for that then a standard 12″, which costs them more since they give more bread and veggies.

        • flyingember says:

          this is what’s inane

          they’re costing them profit by not just saving the bread for another customer.

    • Bagels says:

      The problem with that is that Subway has about a 30 minute shelf life. Stick it in the fridge for a day and all the lettuce wilts, the bread gets soggy whether you have any oil/mayo on it or not….whole things turn into a disgusting mess.

      • Sneeje says:

        Actually, I do this quite often and don’t mind the results. The bread gets a bit soggy and the lettuce isn’t fantastic and only a little wilted. It might also help to not get cheese or mayo–I never get those. You can’t ever taste the cheese (so why eat it) anyway.

      • josephbloseph says:

        To be honest, I don’t really notice much of a difference in quality between Subway and Subway after a night in the fridge. Of course, the last time I ate at a Subway, the rationale was “it’s not that much further than Burger King.”

      • BayardMozie says:

        EVERY sandwich will turn into a soggy mess after a day in the fridge. That’s just how sandwiches roll.

    • david.c says:

      Obviously you don’t understand the concept of Carb to Protein ratios … you also don’t know the entirety of his diet plan so your advice is based upon ignorance.

      My suggestion to the OP is to frequent one place and get to know the employees … it won’t take long before they will give you the double meat on a 6 inch and charge you for the 12 inch … in the long run it makes them more money as they get to keep the bread and the fixings to use for another customer.

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        Supposedly, from hearsay and rumor, Subway is all nazi over the inventory of bread.

      • josephbloseph says:

        So you’ll lose more weight by eating double meat 6″ subs rather than single meat 6″ subs? I mean, I’ve been losing about 5 lbs a week for the last month, but if I could lose more by adding more meat to my diet, I’m all for it.

        I don’t really think saying my advice is based on ignorance; if you eat less of the same food, the results will typically range from gaining less weight to losing weight. Granted, I’m not familiar with the specifics of low-carb diets, but to me eating 12″ of meat on a 6″ sub sounds less like cutting carbs, and more like adding meat. If I were to try cutting carbs from a sub, I’d start with a 6″ and remove some of the bread, but as I don’t expect you’d find a Subway sandwich jockey willing to either make you a 3″ double meat or just keep the top half of the bread, I imagine Aaron would run into the same quandry of wasting the discarded bread.

        • OutPastPluto says:

          Also, if this is an “anti-carb” sort of thing then I would expect the guy to be into the whole “net carbs” thing and be interested in fiber content as well as carbs. That means that extra veggies are good and so is a bun with some fiber in it (which Subway does offer).

          Keep the 6 inch sub. Load it full of veggies.

        • Shadowfire says:

          5 pounds a week is a bit on the unhealthy side… should be closer to 2-3.

          Just sayin.. :P

          • josephbloseph says:

            Yeah, I’ve read that I should be losing less, but I’m sure some of it was just water weight. I wouldn’t be surprised if the losses start slowing down. All I did was start measuring the food I eat so I’m eating what the packaging suggests as a single serving, along with a bunch of exercise.

        • Khayembii Communique says:

          Maybe he’s getting a significant portion of his protein from meat on his subs, which is required to retain muscle while cutting.

          But continue your baseless comments founded in a complete lack of knowledge of his diet/workout prog.

          • josephbloseph says:

            Your suggestion that he is getting a significant portion of his protein from Subway sandwich is about as baseless as my suggestion of eating less, unless you have some inside information about his diet/workout program that isn’t in the original post. Of course, if he’s getting a significant portion of his protein from sandwiches, I’d recommend making his own sandwiches.

    • TasteyCat says:

      A 6 inch oven roasted chicken breast is 320 calories. With double meat, it’s 410 calories. In either case, it’s within reason to be considered diet food, though the double meat has a more favorable protein composition.

      • Difdi says:

        Burger King is similar. You can order a triple-stacker without the bun and actually end up with less calories in your meal than ordering a single-stacker with bun.

        That bun is a carbohydrate blockbuster.

  3. dourdan says:

    i am getting deja vu. is this a follow up to a previous story?

    if so. just toss the bread already. their bread is gross. i doubt even homeless peopel would want it.

  4. Coffee says:

    Simple solution…buy a raven and carry it around in your pocket…feed it any leftovers…no food wasted.

  5. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Instead of one article about this with double meat, we have two 6″ articles.

  6. sirwired says:

    Perhaps he should go to the franchise OWNER. The store manager of a franchise where one franchisee usually owns multiple outlets indeed has no pricing authority.

  7. CaughtLooking says:

    Old news. Recycling should not apply to articles.

  8. pop top says:

    Why not get a double meat foot-long and save half for the next day?

    • mauispiderweb says:


    • HeWhoComments says:

      Exactly. Just get the footlong and save half for the next day.

      • El_Fez says:

        Ewwwww. Subway isnt any good half an hour later let alone the next day. Unless you like soggy bread and wilted veg, that is.

        • Coffee says:

          The first five word of your comment. This.

          • dolemite says:

            My wife loves it, but I can’t justify paying $5, $8 for sandwiches. We went there today for lunch. First lady in line didn’t know what they had or how to order. I think my wife was in line for 15-20 minutes (and she was only the 3rd person in line).

            • Coffee says:

              I’m trying to eat healthier, so I went to Subway close to my work yesterday to order a veggie delight…I walked in and there were at least 15 people in line…it was going to take forever…the only other time I’ve gone there during my lunch it was the same. Frustrated, I went to Burger King and got a Whopper w/cheese that took 2 minutes to order and receive.

              Yeah…that wasn’t the best thing to do…today, I went to Safeway and bought some salads and put them in the fridge at work…they were cheaper than Subway sandwiches, taste just as good, are better for me, and I don’t have to wait 20 minutes in line to get one. Win/win/win, imo.

            • tooluser says:

              My experience exactly. Or the time I’m only 2nd in line and the lady in front of me orders 6 sandwiches. And then the robot assembler proceeds to ask all those questions one at a time for the first sandwich. I left after 30 seconds because I could see how this was going to go for numbers 2 through 6.

              Plus they run anti-American ads overseas.

        • Sian says:

          spicy italian, extra oil and vinegar, light lettuce, pickles and olives.

          Even better two hours later once it’s all saturated. Difficult to eat though.

    • TasteyCat says:

      I don’t know about the next day, but I could go with having it for dinner.

  9. rockelscorcho says:

    Give the bread to the birds, it’s not waste. Pay it forward!

    • Difdi says:

      I don’t think paying it forward is the right term, given how the birds will in all probability take the bread then crap on your car.

    • mikeyo says:

      Except you are harming the birds more than you are helping… Its great for creating an overpopulation of aggressive malnourished birds…

  10. danc4498 says:

    Just get the footlong and save the other 6 inches for tomorrow’s lunch. Then it’s like eating for 2.50 each day.

  11. The Porkchop Express says:

    Give it to the ducks.

    • The Porkchop Express says:

      I expected something from you people here. Has he been dead that long already?

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        How’s this?

        A duck walks into a bar and grabs a stool. The bartender asks, “what would you like?”

        The duck asks, “got any bread?”

        Bartender shakes his head and tells the duck, “nope.”

        The duck flaps it’s wings and asks, “got any bread?”


        “Got any bread?”

        The bartender responds with an agitated “no”.

        “Got any bread?”

        “Look, buddy,” the bartender booms, “I ain’t got any bread, and if ya ask one more time I’m going to nail your bill to the bar.”

        The duck ponders this and asks, “got a hammer?”


        “Got any bread?”

    • darabidduckie says:

      Except that ducks eat free at Subway. Mitch Hedburg said so.

  12. Cat says:

    I make my own double meat footlongs at home.

  13. jrs45 says:

    Just throw out the damn bread.

  14. Hi_Hello says:

    order the foot long. Extra FREE veggie toppings. No sauce. Hold the bread.

  15. samjung23 says:

    What an idiot.

  16. Aedilis says:

    Frst wrld prblms, h hs t.

  17. Michael Belisle says:

    You appear assume that a good is priced based on a consistent markup of the production cost. This is not the way of the market.

  18. apupnamedshamus says:

    I’m also on a low-carb diet, but I go with the salads instead. In case you are not familiar, you can make any 6″ Sub a salad for $1 more. BUT, that doesn’t apply to promotional prices. So if the “sub of the day” is the 6″ BMT for $3.50, I can’t just get a BMT salad for $4.50, I need to pay full price.

    This is why I stopped going to Subway. Jersey Mikes costs about the same, but gives 5x as much meat (seriously), 3x as much cheese, both of which are sliced fresh to order, and better tasting ingredients.

    Subway FTL, Jersey Mikes FTW!

    • George4478 says:

      5X? So, if I get a Jersey Mike ham and cheese, I get 20 slices of ham?

      An Italian sub has the equivalent of 25 slices of pepperoni, 20 slices of ham, and 25 slices of salami?

      I don’t think so, in spite of your “(seriously)” claim.

      • NarcolepticGirl says:


      • apupnamedshamus says:

        Ok, maybe I was exaggerating a little, but if you compare the meat amounts, you would too. I’ve gone with friends whose jaw drops when they see how much meat is put on a sub or salad there.

        Let’s take the Subway BMT vs the Jersey Mikes Original Italian:
        BMT: 3 Pepperoni, 3 Salami and 2 Ham Slices + 2 Halfs of cheese
        Original Italian: 4 Pepperoni, 4 Salami, 4 Ham, 4 Prosciutto and 4 Cappacuolo Slices + 4 FULL slices of cheese.

        Ok, so 2.5x as much meat and 4x as much cheese. You win.

        But so do I since I eat at Jersey Mikes!

        Also, keep in mind that the slices of meat at JM’s are bigger, so it’s more like 3x by weight.

    • El_Fez says:

      Subway is Faster Than Light? Wow, that’s some quick delivery!

    • El_Fez says:

      Subway is Faster Than Light? Wow, that’s some quick delivery!

    • Sian says:

      Yeah but when you make a salad you only get a token percentage of the meat that’s normally on the 6″.

  19. Max Headroom says:

    Would this not violate an OSHA regulation for the employees on the plane, limiting them to one bathroom for 200+ people?

  20. HeWhoComments says:

    This seems like a dumb issue to involve The Consumerist on. Subway has specifically priced the footlong to be a better value than the 6″.

  21. levelone says:

    If you were seriously trying to lose weight, why would you order twice the meat? Just because you threw the extra bread away, it doesn’t automatically become healthy. You’re still getting all the grease and salt and fat, only now it’s DOUBLED. Is it so you can pretend you’re doing something healthy? Atkins doesn’t actually help – most people yoyo on Atkins and never permanently lose the weight. The number one key to losing weight via food restriction is actually cutting back on the quantity of food, which OP doesn’t seem to understand.

    • HSVhockey says:

      What if he is ordering double turkey or ham and wants it for the protein (which helps build muscle mass (which helps in turn burn fat (which is something that most people don’t consider)))?

    • MaytagRepairman says:

      Eating a little extra protien curbs your appetite. It isn’t about going overboard and following Atkins.

    • KeithIrwin says:

      >Atkins doesn’t actually help – most people yoyo on Atkins and never permanently lose the
      [citation needed]
      Some people yo-yo on Atkins because they go on and off it. Atkins isn’t a fad diet that you’re supposed to do for a few months to drop some pounds: it’s meant to be a permanent change in what you do and don’t eat. Most people I know who have gone low carb have done it and stuck to it and not yo-yo’ed at all. If you’re going to say that most people yo-yo on it, you should probably have a study of some sort to back that up.

      >The number one key to losing weight via food restriction is actually cutting back on the quantity
      >of food, which OP doesn’t seem to understand.
      [citation needed]
      Seriously. Show me any study which shows a calorie-restriction diet which actually succeeds long-term in reducing people’s weight.

    • OutPastPluto says:

      The Atkins diet helps some people. It doesn’t help everyone though.

      It’s time to get over the misguided industrial age idea that all of us are stamped out of the same injection mold. We aren’t. Get over it.

      Some people will respond well to Atkins (and avoiding the vegan influenced USDA food pyramid) and some people won’t. If you don’t already know yourself, you will just have to try and see.

      If the carb restrictions don’t make you homicidal, Atkins will probably help you. Otherwise, carbs aren’t your problem to begin with.

      • levelone says:

        Atkins is not a long term solution. Most people will not stick with it. Your claims are just as much anecdata.

        A balanced diet with less meat and control of potion size will do more to control weight than eating twice the amount of meat and half the amount of bread. Twice the amount of meat is twice the amount of salt, fat and calories that are found in the kind of processed meats used by Subway and other fast food restaurants. It’s fine to eat there occasionally, but you’re not doing your arteries any favors just by tossing out half the bread. It’s better to eat one regular 6 inch sub than twice the meat.

        While you’re at it, why don’t you find me some citations to back up your claims? From studies that weren’t paid for by Atkins.

  22. AllanG54 says:

    I could feed the extra bread to the falcon I got with the money I saved by switching to State Farm.

  23. euroae says:

    Your assuming the only course of action is to make the 6inch and double meat cheaper. Chances are they would instead make the foot long more expensive.

  24. matt314159 says:

    When I was ordering subs for a relatively large family meal (about 8 subs total) I wasn’t sure which veggies everybody wanted, so I asked if they could just put a few of the common ones (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, I think I asked for) in containers and have everyone add what they wanted to their sandwich when they got home. The response was “no, because that constitutes a ‘salad’ and we’d have to charge you extra”

    So everyone got the works, just so it would cost them more, and we had to pick the stuff we didn’t want off our subs.

  25. Bladerunner says:

    It still pisses me off that the salads are usually around the cost of a twelve-inch, but with a 6-incher’s worth of meat. And by that they usually mean “2 slices”. They skimp on that and the cheese, so that I get to pay EXTRA for a plastic bowl of lettuce. I can’t just get a sub’s worth of stuff in a container sans bread for a reasonable price from them. (I’d eat the bread but I can’t…verry bad things happen when I eat bread).

    • podunkboy says:

      Can you just order a sandwich with all the fixings, and tell them to hold the bread, just roll up the meat and veggies in the paper? Do they have to FORCE you to take the bread?

  26. MaytagRepairman says:

    The oven roasted chicken breast seems to have more meat than any of the sandwiches that are the sliced lunch meat variety.

  27. Retired Again says:

    Do Vegans eat the bread and throw away the meat?
    Find a Vegan friend — Go to Lunch at Subway … You eat the meat
    they eat the bread and mayonnaise stuff …. you both save $$$ and lose weight!
    Genyus, I am a Genyius …………

  28. FreeMarketFan says:

    Be careful, I tried this when I wanted to just sell muffin-tops. Didn’t work out so hot

    • Cat says:

      I tried the same thing with pudding skins, and failed.

      But your muffin top idea is proving very popular around these parts. Quite a few ladies here are sporting them.

  29. Buckus says:

    Solution: don’t go to Subway. Their bread tastes like sawdust and their meat has lost all the flavor due to having been sliced at some far-away facility and shipped.

  30. jennix says:

    This month all subs are $5. Even the footlong “Veggie Delite” which is usually $4.99.

  31. says:

    Why should the double meat be cheaper than the footlong? The main cost is in the meat, not in the pickles and bread, so same price maybe, but not really cheaper.

  32. jennix says:

    This month all foot-long subs are $5. Even the foot-long “Veggie Delite” which is usually $4.99.

  33. bnelson333 says:

    Low carb is a terrible way to lose weight. It doesn’t address any of your issues with eating. It’s just a gimmick to get the weight off now, but if you don’t learn how to eat right when you go back to carbs, you just gain it back again.

  34. anime_runs_my_life says:

    Seriously? Why not just eat half for whatever meal you’re having and save the rest for later? Jeeze..another one who’s lost their common sense.

  35. samonela says:

    Last month in my area the Subways were selling the meatball, club, and veggie delights as $2 six inch’ers.

    Yet, when I would order two six inch veggie delights, invariably, the “Sandwich Artist” would say, “Soooo…a foot long veggie delight?” to which I would have to confirm, “NO. Two six inches.”

    Their POS system would not automatically charge the $2 for the footlong (which is $5) so you had to literally ask for it that way or be fined a dollar extra. One shop’s manager flat out refused it to me as two six inchers until I asked him how he knew I wasn’t buying for two people (I wasn’t).

    It wasn’t Subway’s finest moment with me I can tell you that much….

  36. Professor59 says:

    Duh. I do that all the time. I mean, any time I am forced to eat Subway. But it’s mostly because they put so little food on the sandwiches. I like to do it right in front of the cashier while they’re ringing me up.

  37. snoebay says:

    Find a good Italian deli, enjoy a real sub!

  38. Paul Schreiber says:

    Don’t feed it to the ducks. Seriously. It’s bad for them.

  39. sopmodm14 says:

    if he wanted to save weight, cook nutritious meals at home

    if it wasn’t feasable, buy a foot long, and save half for later dinner or next day lunch , so as not to be wasteful

    it probably costs more b/c of the ingredients : meat costs more than bread

    • coren says:

      Yeah, but how can just the meat cost more than that same amount of meat, more cheese, more bread, and more veggies?

      • tooluser says:

        Just go to the grocery store and buy a pack of lunchmeat and a pack of cheese and a bag of salad. Very low carb! Scarf a jug of mayonnaise, that’s low carb too. And down a whole bottle of olive oil. Healthy, nutritious, cancer-fighting, and enough calories to keep you going for days.

  40. theotherwhitemeet says:

    Could he just order a foot long hold six inches of bun? All the meat would then have to be placed on the remaining six inches creating a double meat six inch sub.

  41. EyseTre says:

    I just ask for the foot-long and explain to the manager that I’m going just throw away the extra bread, so just put it on a 6-inch sub. They reluctantly agreed. I would suggest just ordering the foot-long and then doubling up the meat and take the other half home for garlic bread sometime or another sandwich at home.

    I do this with burgers sometimes, too. I like the taste and ‘mouth feel’ of a double-burger, but don’t like double the calories. I order a single and then cut it in half and double up the burger on half the bun. Saves me a few hundred calories, it adds up!

  42. DanKelley98 says:

    “Pricing, promotions and the acceptance of coupons may vary from location to location. Federal Law and many State Laws prohibit the mandating of pricing or participation in promotions since it is considered price fixing to do so.”

    So that $5 footlong promotion isn’t actually mandated? I wonder what happens to a franchise that wants to decline…. (confusion to customers, certainly….)

  43. Libertas says:

    All you need to know.

  44. nocturnaljames says:

    This is nothing new. Just look at dollar menus, like a double cheesburger cheaper than a hamburger. A footlong is cheaper because it’s part of a promotional item, the $5 sub, whereas double meat is not.

  45. tooluser says:

    The letter clearly shows Subway to be a lying bunch of liars. Disclaimer: I hate them anyways.

    And just give me the standard sandwich! I don’t want to specify every single ingredient!!

  46. pws says:

    Weight loss comes from consistently lower consumption of total calories, not carbs. Eat half the sandwich and give the other half to a homeless person.

  47. KashmirKong says:

    If you’re looking to lose weight, here’s a suggestion: STOP EATING OUT.

  48. Mknzybsofh says:

    You can:
    A) Do what you’re doing now accept you could feed the birds the bread. They’ll love you for it.
    B) Do what you’re doing now and create a compost heap behind your house.
    C) Eat two halves, one for lunch and one for supper, doubling the meat.
    D) Buy just the six inch and double the meat.
    Honestly I don’t know what the BIG FREAKING DEAL is behind this. God millions of starving people all over the world and someone whine’s about ‘extra effing bread that he’s going to throw away’. Here have a tissue and go cry in the corner.

  49. Nonbuyer says:

    The managers could be telling the truth if they’re part of a huge franchisee group.

    Long story short: Subway REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY cares more about their bread inventory than just about anything else. Subway also wants your money and they know that there are plenty of people who are too lazy to buy their own loaves of bread and slices of turkey or ham or chicken breast (because that’s all people on a diet get at Subway) so they can get you for the price.

    Seriously, Subway isn’t as healthy for you as a formerly obese man who couldn’t cook wants you to think…. the “wheat” bread is enriched and there’s tons of sodium in their food in an effort to preserve it.

  50. Not Given says:

    Get a Subway salad and don’t eat any bread.

  51. cromartie says:

    The guy is on a high protein diet, which works for him.

    He’s conscious about not wanting to waste excess food product.

    He gets talked into a circle by both Subway PR and his local subway by a rule that makes no logical sense.

    And yet, this is his fault for being a ninny, somehow.

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  52. daynight says:

    Pricing is not about being logical or consistent. Why should two stores on the same block change different prices for the same thing? Because they can. If you want the cheaper one, go to the store with the cheaper price.
    Of course, sales always mix things up anyway. A sale on one item does not (should not!) require all other prices to shift in some corresponding way.
    Basically, if businesses try to adjust prices to each person’s individual needs, it gets complicated and will be the source of endless debates and arguments and frustrations as each person thinks they are getting stiffed out of something simply because their individual value system rates things differently.
    Solution: price it the best you can, be clear what the the customer is getting and let the customer decide what works. The customer should not be so spoiled and childish as to complain when the whole world does not instantly reorganize itself to please their momentary whim.

    • Nonbuyer says:

      Two stores on the same block can charge different prices because they are most likely owned by two different people. That’s what people don’t get about Subway, EVERY STORE IS A FRANCHISE STORE. It’s cheap for Subway that way.

  53. x805x says:

    Don’t eat at subway you fat fuck.

  54. SomeWhiteGuy says:

    I ate Subway about 3 weeks ago and got a 6″ with double-meat and it was $0.75 cheaper than a footlong of the same sandwich. Since a lot of Subways are franchised, that might explain the issues with the price.

  55. xamarshahx says:

    I have been doing this for awhile. Sometimes I pony up the extra dollar and just get a 6 inch so I don’t have the temptation to eat the rest of it, I told myself my health is more important then that dollar.

  56. Dallas_shopper says:

    FWP (first world problems).

    You could take the bread home, freeze it, and use it another day. You could toast it then blitz it in the blender to make breadcrumbs. You could cut it into cubes and make it into croutons. You could feed the birds in the park. If you’re just throwing it away, it’s because you’re lazy or not creative.

  57. gargunkle says:

    If he’s trying to lose weight, maybe he’d be better off without the double meat. How about buying the footlong and putting half in the fridge for tomorrow?

  58. tweeder82o says:

    feed the ducks as you take your walk after lunch

  59. nodaybuttoday says:

    I wonder if you could order a foot long and ask them to only put meat/condiments on half of it… save the left over bread for when you make sandwiches at home?

  60. Big Dave says:

    Here’s a suggestion: If you’re trying to lose weight, how about eating decent food, not the fat laden, high sodium, processed crap from Subway and every other fast food poison store?

  61. fineprint says:

    I manage a Subway and none of my employees are stupid enough to demand the customer takes the extra bread. Same goes for when someone wants a veggie and their friend is getting a meat-filled sandwich, we always let them double the meat on the other half and charge them for a footlong whatever-the-meat-was.