Subway: Cheaper To Order Footlong, Throw Away Half Of Bread Than Ordering 6-Inch With Double Meat

Aaron is trying to lose weight by cutting carbs out of his diet. When he eats at Subway, the first thing that he tried doing was ordering a 6-inch sub with double meat. Then he noticed something. It would actually be cheaper for him to order a footlong and just throw away half the bread.

This seems silly to Aaron, who says he’s tried talking with the managers of several different Subways he frequents. He thinks they should offer a price point for people like him to be able to get a 6-inch with double meat that’s cheaper than the footlong. All the franchise managers have told him they aren’t allowed to set their own prices.

Aaron also emailed his idea to Subway. They responded:

Dear Mr. Cohen:

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us.

All SUBWAY® locations are individually owned and operated.

Pricing, promotions and the acceptance of coupons may vary from location to location. Federal Law and many State Laws prohibit the mandating of pricing or participation in promotions since it is considered price fixing to do so.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

Not very useful.

“What gives? Why is Subway forcing extra bread on me?” writes Aaron. “I hate wasting food.”

It’s unlikely that Subway is going to change around its pricing structure to fit your diet plan. But at least now others know a cheaper way to get double meat on their 6-inch sub. As for that extra half a foot of bread, maybe you can give it to a homeless person or feed it to the ducks!

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