Hardware Store Takes The Zombie Preparedness Route To Boost Sales

Nothing like the undead to put some life into your business… or at least, that’s the tack a hardware store in Omaha is taking by marketing their goods as items ideal for Zombie Preparedness.

The regional chain with stores across Omaha is using a zombified advertising campaign to lure in customers and give others a bit of a laugh, reports the Omaha World-Herald.

Westlake Ace Hardware’s Zombie Preparedness Center is the brainchild of an Omaha public relations and ad agency, Bozell. Workers have displayed how-to posters in the case of zombie invastion, and “zombies” is now one of the store specialties on the company site.

“I love the tone,” said Liz Benditt, Westlake’s director of customer relationship development. “If we can help you with your lawn and your home, we can help you with the zombie apocalypse.”

One angle is that since younger people are into zombies, more of that target demographic will walk into their store as opposed to a big box store.

A sample question prepared by the store: “A zombie fell and put a hole in my drywall. What tools will I need to fix this?” The fix? Patching up zombie-shape drywall holes with spackle, a putty knife and sandpaper.

Another problem to be solved? Decaying, zombified skin. Use bolts and fasteners to help with broken bones and stain sealer for a spray tan.

Now you know where to go if you happen to live in Omaha and have a zombie problem.

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