The USPS Is Fine With Being Over A Week Late Delivering Package

It is one thing to have a delayed package, but it’s an entirely new level of aggravation when customer service basically shrugs and is like, “It’ll get there when it gets there!” Such is the case for reader Brian.

His package is in the hands of the USPS, and was supposed to arrive at its destination by Sept. 30. But now that it’s well into October, and his package still hasn’t arrived, he’s a bit irked.

He writes:

I dropped a package off at the USPS on September 23, 2011. I was told that it would be delivered on September 30, 2011. It is now October 9th, and the package still hasn’t been delivered yet. I contacted the USPS customer service number, and the lady on the phone told me that it’d get there when it gets there – a lot of help she was. The USPS wonders why they are losing money – their customer service is terrible. I’ll be using UPS/Fedex in the future for all shipments.

Brian provided Consumerist with his tracking number to check the package in question, and indeed, it still shows an arrival date of Sept. 30, but hasn’t done a darn thing since its acceptance at a sort facility on Oct. 5.

At least it’ll be well rested by the time it shows up at its final destination.


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