FDA Gives Enlarged Prostates Hard Time By Approving Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration, those who suffer enlarged prostates have a new weapon at their disposal to combat the condition. Cialis, which messages in your spam filter repeatedly inform you has formidable powers of revitalization, can now be prescribed to pound away at prostates that have gotten too big for their britches.

Medpage Today reports clinical trials found the drug helped reduce patients’ International Prostate Symptom Scores, which help diagnose and determine treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The article warns that the drug doesn’t play nice with nitrates or alpha blockers, but fails to note that it gives men who are embarrassed that they suffer from erectile dysfunction a smooth alibi if mocked by a loved one who spots Cialis in their medicine cabinets. If only this news had broken sooner, Larry David’s character just may have gotten into the Hall of Fame.

FDA Okays ED Drug for Enlarged Prostate [Medpage Today]