Entire Steel Bridge Stolen From Township

An all points bulletin is out in North Beaver Township, Pennsylvania for a 50 foot steel bridge that has gone missing.

Tipster GitEmSteveDave quipped, “They put up a steel bridge in case the ancient tales of the beavers the township were named after was true. But while the beavers were mythical, the steel thieves weren’t.”

The bridge measures 50 feet by 20 feet. Police told WTAE they believe a torch was used to remove it.

Why would someone want to steal a bridge? The same reason people are stealing copper from street lights.

“Its old beams are probably hundreds and hundreds of pounds per foot,” resident Robert Obed told Channel 4 Action news.

As the recession deepens, so do the depths people are willing to plunge to make a buck.

$100K Steel Bridge Dismantled, Stolen From Rural Area [WTAE]

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