AT&T Promises To Let Me Keep Unlimited Data Plan With New Phone, Doesn't

When he upgraded his AT&T phone to a Samsung Galaxy S II, Matthew was under the impression that he would get to keep his old unlimited data plan from his iPhone. That would be a good reason to upgrade to a newer, snappier phone. The problem is that it was not, strictly speaking, true.

TL;DR: AT&T told me I would be grandfathered into my iPhone unlimited data plan with my Galaxy S II and in reality i was only given 200MB of data. I’m furious with AT&T and want my unlimited plan that i was promised but they wont speak about my case until the 17th. why the hell does this even need a case and a call back?


I called AT&T on Sunday 10/2/11 to find out if I could keep my unlimited iphone data plan If i were to buy a Galaxy S II from Amazon Wireless. I was told yes its fine just call before you activate and tell them the IMEI # the lovely rep then placed a note in my account informing that i was going to keep the unlimited data plan with the GS II i was receiving from amazon wireless.

I received the Galaxy S II on Tuesday 10/4/2011 , I called AT&T before I unboxed it and talked to another nice rep. I informed her that i wanted to keep my I Phone unlimited data plan and she said OK, she saw the note on my account and was going to do just that. she activates my phone and informs me that my unlimited iphone data plan would now be a unlimited smartphone data plan.

fast forward to today, i start getting eerie text messages from AT&T. the first text message said i had used 50% of my 200MB data plan, and then 90%!

I call AT&T 611, and talk to a another representative, she said I was on the 200 MB plan and she did not know why i was not on the unlimited plan anymore. FURTHER she could not switch me back! So what happens now?

She opened a case file which took her 20 minutes. She said i would be called on 10/17 to resolve the issue. I asked why it would take so long and she said calls are answered in the order in which they are received.

Has your unlimited data disappeared in a similar way, even when AT&T promised that you could keep it? We’d like to hear from you!

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