Best Buy Angers Internet By Accidentally Listing HTC Flyer At $99

In an incident reminiscent of the $69 iPad error, a number of people are upset with Best Buy after it refused to honor a $99 price for the HTC Flyer tablet that it claims was accidentally posted to the Best Buy website.

The Flyer sold out online very soon after people began noticing the price reduction from $299 to $99. But then customers began finding out the Best Buy would not honor the price because it was an error.

Generally speaking — and contrary to a widely held belief — retailers are not required to honor genuine pricing errors. But reports on make this particular situation a bit hazy. writes that some customers were able to get the deal at a few Best Buy outlets because the staff believed they had to honor the price.

And then there is the photo of a $99 price tag for the device which one shopper snapped at a Best Buy retail location.

It also took several hours for the price to be corrected on It is now once again listed at the correct price of $299 and is no longer sold out.

Best Buy snafu prices Flyer at $99 [Updated] []

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