Bank Of America Branch Booted Reporter From Sidewalk For "Soliciting"

Oh, Bank of America. Just when we think your antics have finally reached a zenith, you go on and prove us wrong with something newly and truly despicable. Like say, attempt to stop a reporter from reporting.

A new report by the New York Times on the bank’s dirty trick of tacking on a monthly $5 debit-card fee got the reporter working on the story booted from the sidewalk outside a branch for “soliciting” customers.

In the middle of their story on BofA customers seeking to switch banks due to the new fee, the NYT added in this little gem:

“I guess banks have expenses like everyone else,” she said. “Do we want to be able to use live tellers?” (Indeed, we sometimes do, though we don’t like to hear from their bosses; our Arkansas correspondent was booted from the sidewalk of the Bank of America Joyce Avenue branch in Fayetteville for “soliciting” customers on Friday.)

Got that? The reporter was accused of solicting, but for what? Handing out menus? Selling magazine subscriptions? No, soliciting opinions from actual BofA customers who might have less than nice things to say. How dare they!

The rest of the article is pretty good, too, and gives all kinds of advice on how to get away from Bank of America and their silly little fees. We highly suggest you read it, if only to stick it to those sidewalk-policing BofA thugs.

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Fees on Debit Cards Have Some Customers Looking to Switch [New York Times]

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