Get A Jump On Scoring The Holiday Season's Hottest Toys

In order to avoid your little angels throwing a massive, diabolic fit, parents who want a sporting chance at a happy holiday season might want to start thinking about what the hottest toys will be. We aren’t here to judge your spines, just here to help, after all.

SmartMoney reminisces about the mania surrounding toys like Tickle Me Elmo or something called a Zhu Zhu pet, to drive home the point, while also compiling a list of a few predictions for the 2011 season in ungettables. The hope being, if you shop early enough, they just might be gettable.

Here are a few, head over to
SmartMoney for the rest:

Monster High Dolls
Age: Six-plus. Price: $11.99.
Score! Not a hefty price for these doll teenage versions of Frankenstein and other monsters. Oh, but there is a long list of accessories that will no doubt be vital as well, including a $30 coffin jewelry box. Because that is a necessity.

LeapPad Explorer

Age: Four-plus. Price: $99.99.
It’s like an iPad, but only has games and is for a child to learn math, reading and other skills, and also isn’t really like an iPad at all. But it looks neat!t only works with LeapPad apps.

Stealth Video Glasses
Age: Eight-plus. Price: $39.99.
These glasses also contain a video camera for recording low-res video, so you should also have a stern lecture about what’s appropriate to film and what’s not. Unless of course, you don’t mind a video of your morning workout attempts going viral.

Even by trying to prepare, you still might find yourself frantically searching store after store for [insert as of yet unnamed, awesome, so cool toy your child MUST HAVE] at the last minute. There are no guarantees in life and children are kind of crazy.

Forecasting the Next Hot-Holiday Toy: 5 to Watch [SmartMoney]

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