Child Care Is Going To Cost You Lots In These Five States

Do you have a passel of kids and not a lot of money? Then you might want to avoid living in the country’s priciest states for child care. With annual costs of up to an average of $16,500, take a look at the nation’s most expensive places to live when it comes to caring for your kids.

CNN lists the top five, starting with Massachusetts as the most expensive at an annual average cost of $16,500, or 16% of the median income. Combined with a lot of people with high salaries for child care workers and soaring housing costs, daycare ends up being pretty costly.

It’s not all hakuna matata in Hawaii, where the annual average cost of child care is $12,600, or 15% of median incomes. Everyone makes a lot of money and pays high prices for a house. Combined with the regulation that a family child-care provider is only allowed to watch two babies at a time, and other space and equipment rules, and the bills mount while the vacancies at providers disappear.

For the rest of the list of the five most costly states, check out CNN’s slide show.

5 most expensive states for child care [CNN]

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