Customer Sues Bank Of America After Getting Locked Inside & Then Teased By Staffers

How many bank heist movies have involved a thief cooking up some elaborate plan just to get a few hours alone inside an empty bank? Well there’s one Bank of America customer in Connecticut who wasn’t too thrilled when he found himself in this situation, and even less thrilled when he was let out only to then allegedly be mocked by BofA staffers. And this is how we end up with the nation’s largest bank being sued for false imprisonment.

According to the suit, the customer went to his Bank of America branch to check out some documents in his safety deposit box. While he was doing so, the rest of the bank was being evacuated because of a bomb scare. So when he finished looking at his papers, the man found himself entirely alone inside the building, which was now locked and surrounded by police.

The man called 9-1-1 and was told about the bomb scare and evacuation by the operator.” And even though the police now knew he was inside, the lawsuit claims he was “locked within the building for a considerable length of time until a police officer opened the front door and brought the plaintiff out of the building.”

When he was finally released from the bank, which didn’t blow up, the plaintiff says he was taunted by staffers who laughed at him and jeered, “We left you inside” and “We forgot you were there.”

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages for negligence, false imprisonment and emotional distress, plus costs and medical expenses.

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