New York Subway Workers Say Rats Are Out Of Control

According to workers who spend their days underground in the New York City subway system, the rats that infest their work environment are rapidly multiplying and getting more aggressive than ever. The union TWU Local 100 has launched an initiative called New Yorkers Deserve a Rat-Free Subway to bring attention to the problem.

The workers blame staffing cuts for the rat rampage. One employee tells MSNBC that fewer trash pickups have provided nonstop feasts for the vermin. Demonstrating at a terminal Wednesday, workers implored passers-by to sign their positions by saying “If you smell something, sign something.”

Another worker said that at some stations, break rooms are close enough to garbage rooms that rats invite themselves in as lunch guests.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said “We are working with the city in an effort to find more effective ways of addressing the rodent problem.”

NYC subway workers: Rats multiplying, getting bolder [MSNBC]

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