$35 Missoni For Target Boots Listed On eBay For $31,000. Seller Thinks Someone Will Pay

The hype surrounding the whole Missoni for Target phenomenon continues. First, the online demand was apparently so huge that it temporarily crashed Target’s website (though some of us are not 100% convinced the “crash” wasn’t a deliberate — and effective — PR stunt). Then after all but the tattered scraps had sold out, folks who missed the boat began hunting the items down at marked-up prices on eBay. Now comes a woman who thinks she will be able to pay for her child’s college with her small stockpile of Missoni for Target items, including the pair of boots she’s listed for $31,000.

“I would like to turn these rainboots into a rainy day fund for my youngest child, who has just begun her freshman year of college,” writes the savvy seller from Oklahoma on the eBay auction page for the boots, which originally sold for $34.99.

“The boots will definitely sell, there’s no question of that,” she says. “I’ve had offers for them, but I’m sticking with my listing and believe it is an opportunity for a miracle.”

The seller tells CNN that she’s also got a stockpile of Missoni for Target shower curtains, toss pillows and scarves, ya know… in case her kids want to buy an NFL franchise.

Of course, now that the woman’s story has hit CNN, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that someone with money and an eagerness to make headlines would swoop in and pay the seller’s asking price. And hey, free shipping!

Meanwhile, I’ve got an autographed photo of former Love Boat and Airplane! star Jill Whelan that I’d be willing to part with for mid-six figures.

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