Someone At Cabela's Doesn't Know How To Use The Bcc Button, Exposes Hundreds Of E-Mail Addresses

Outdoorsy retailer Cabela’s managed to irk a number of its online customers twice in the last day. The first involves posting a product with a glaring pricing mistake; the second instance came when it e-mailed all the customers who had tried to take advantage of the error — and revealed all of their e-mail addresses to everyone else on the message.

Last night, Cabela’s sent out an e-mail to the hundreds of customers who had tried to buy a the G-Floor Floor Protector in green (normally $209.99) for the ridiculously low price of $4.88, letting them know this was a mistake and their accounts would not be charged.

While this inevitably irritated those customers who incorrectly believe that all retailers must honor every pricing error, the bigger problem is that the person at Cabela’s who sent out the e-mail forgot to Bcc the customers, thus giving out every other customer’s address.

One customer sent us a PDF of the e-mail he received, which contains more than four pages of personal e-mail addresses.

“Way to go Cabela’s!” one customer wrote to Consumerist after receiving the message. “When a customer is a little peeved at a blatant mistake, the best thing to do is really drive the knife home. Remind them Cabela’s does not care about you, and will continue to make mistakes.”

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