Comcast Sends You To Collections For Bill You Already Paid

Bruce cut the cord with Comcast and returned all his gear. It looks like the right hand didn’t know what the left was doing, as Comcast has now sent him to collections for a bill that he already paid.

Bruce writes:

Dear Consumerist…. I have a story about a great company called Comcast….

We cancelled our Comcast service on August 12th due to a move. We dropped off all the equipment and switched on service at the new place, everything went well. On August 27th, I got a notice in the mail from Comcast Collections saying we owed about $60 for our service.

Turns out as soon as you turn in equipment the auto-bill fails, so we had to pay, which we immediately and promptly did.

In the mail today, I received a formal Collection notice from some company in Connecticut for $58 (savings of $2!). I checked my AMEX statement and sure enough, the payment was made. I called Comcast and they said they see a problem, cant do anything for me, and they are super sad and sorry about it.

So… Consumerist… how do fiercely and forcefully teach Comcast how to do math?



Sadly, now you are not dealing with Comcast. The supposed debt is not owned by Comcast. You are not their customer anymore and unless you escalate hard up the Comcast ladder, you’re not going to get them to help you out. That’s one option. The other route is to just straight up dispute with this debt collection company. Make them provide proof of the debt in writing and show them the evidence that you already paid the bill. You can also try tweeting @ComcastCares to see if they will take your case on.

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