Shoplifter Sentenced To Life In Prison After Walmart Worker Dies

Last June, while attempting to heist a $348 TV from a Texas Walmart, a shoplifter knocked over a Walmart staffer, sending him to the hospital where he would die nine days later. Now that shoplifter has been sentenced to life in prison, even though he was never charged with the worker’s death and the medical examiner determined the actual cause of death was end-stage liver cirrhosis.

Earlier this week, a jury in Tarrant County, Texas, found the shoplifter guilty of aggravated robbery. The judge in the case issued the life sentence.

“After conscientious deliberations, the jury agreed that [the shoplifter’s] actions were a serious threat to [the late Walmart employee],” said the prosecutor. “We hope that all shoplifters get the message that store thefts may have long-term consequences for the victim and the defendant.”

The thief, who has also been convicted on four other Walmart robberies, has appealed the sentence.

Fort Worth man sentenced to life in Walmart shoplifting case []

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