Recession Horror Stories: AMC Theater Stops Giving Out ICEE Straws

In a sad sign of the times, reader “Strawless” says that his local AMC Theater isn’t giving out spoon straws with ICEEs anymore. They say they’re too expensive and you’ll have to make do with a regular straw. The theater is still happy to sell you a popcorn, coke and ICEE for $20, but that’s no longer enough to subsidize shipments of the specialized straws.

Reader “Strawless” writes:

My girlfriend and I went to our local AMC theatre in Cupertino, CA last night to see the last Harry Potter movie in face-crushing IMAX 3D.

However, upon acquiring our usual coke popcorn and raspberry ICEE combination, we did not get a badass red ICEE spoon straw. I asked the counter person and was told they no longer carried them because it cost too much money.

Now I’m not a smart man but we did just pay $34.00 for tickets to see this movie and $20.00 for the popcorn, large coke, and large ICEE. I think somewhere in there is wiggle room for an important part of my ICEE experience.


Clearly you’ll have to bring your own spoon straw from home and hide it in your jacket lining. Perhaps, using your ingenuity and DIY craftsmanship skills, it is a spoon straw that you have constructed within your own domicile.

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