How To Eat Cheaply And Healthily

It’s easy enough to spend as little money as possible on food. A diet consisting of ramen and dollar menu items will accomplish that feat. Higher-quality food that’s actually good for you tends to cost more, but with some creativity and effort you can spend little while maintaining a healthy diet.

These suggestions come from Frugal Beautiful:

*Befriend the crock pot. Pick one up on the cheap at a thrift store, then dump chicken, rice, veggies and the like to make stews.

*Brew your own tea. Get a tasty, low-cost caffeine fix by making your own tea and not buying packaged soft drinks. As long as you hold off on the sugar, the drink has no calories.

*Stock up on dried grains and beans. They have a long shelf life, cost little and are filling. Mix them into most meals as side dishes.

Frugal Food: How To Eat Healthy For Cheap [Frugal Beautiful]

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